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Cooperation forum and “Medical electronics” trade exhibition · 29 April 2015

20.04.2015 | Cooperation forum and “Medical electronics” trade exhibition | The market for medical electronics is experiencing continued high growth rates. New technology trends for the integration of sensor and microsystem technology components in smart medical devices and the diversity of application scenarios in the various fields of healthcare are always responsible for such growth.

Bayern Innovativ, the MedTech Pharma e.V. forum and the Fraunhofer EMFT are showing numerous examples of innovations from the field of electronics for medical devices in clinical settings in this year’s “Medical electronics” cooperation forum.

The programme includes the following topics:

  • Technology trends in medical electronics – from sensors and microsystems technology, through embedded systems to information and communication technologies
  • Integrated modules with energy management, communications, data processing and coupled sensor-actuator systems
  • Medical devices in a clinical setting, such as endoscopy, robotics, diagnostic imaging, human-machine interfaces and surgical equipment.
  • Sensors and MEMS in neuroimplants for eyes, ears and brain, in intelligent prostheses and in systems for monitoring patient vital signs
  • Modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in clinical settings, such as minimally invasive surgery, implantology, prosthetics or the early detection and treatment of cardiovascular and endovascular diseases

These issues will be the object of a multidisciplinary exchange of expertise from industry and science. The accompanying trade exhibition, which relates directly to the presentation series, facilitates a direct exchange of thoughts between experts, potential users and customers in order to provide an impetus for future cooperation projects in the innovative field of medical electronics.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Grossenbacher Systeme at the medical electronics cooperation forum!