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MEDTEC Europe 2015: 21. – 23. April 2015

17.03.2015 | Medtec Europe 2015 | “Your success – developed by us” is the motto of Grossenbacher Systeme when it comes to placing your devices or systems on the market more quickly and with greater success with support from our hardware and software specialists.

  • Capacitive and resistive operation technologies: depending on the application, you can rely on different, sophisticated glass-based systems (projected capacitive or glass-film-glass technology)
  • Working with glass offers unique design possibilities and, thanks to the extremely smooth surface, ideal hygienic properties.
  • You can obtain our medical devices complete from a single source – from development (including user interfaces) and support in the approval process in accordance with ISO 13485 through to production and logistics – or through support in individual areas, according to your wishes! Feel free to contact us!

Drop by for a visit and get to know us at Medtec Europe in Stuttgart – we look forward to meeting you! By the way: to secure a free entry voucher – just send an email to medtec(at)gesys.ch.