Environmental management

Grossenbacher Systeme Environmental Management

Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate culture. We are aware that our activities can have an impact on the environment. It is therefore our task to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum within the framework of economic and technical possibilities and by means of well thought-out processes.


Wir schulen und fördern das Bewusstsein bei den Mitarbeitern durch aktives Arbeiten an den Umweltaspekten. Jeder Mitarbeiter ist in unserem Managementsystem eingebunden und hat die Aufgabe, Belastungen der Umwelt zu vermeiden.


We ensure an efficient and economical use of resources and energy. For us, acting in an environmentally conscious manner means handling valuable resources with care.

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement process makes an important contribution to protecting the environment and reducing costs.


We communicate openly with all interested parties.


We comply with legal and regulatory requirements and maintain a management system according to ISO 14001

Zertifizierung ISO 14001