Software development – competent and agile

Whether it is embedded, Linux- or Windows-based, Soft PLC or GUIs: our software engineers have a broad knowledge base. We utilise web-based project management tools to work closely and intensively with our clients.

Scrum is a big word and theoretically powerful and very time-consuming – we have succeeded in implementing a practice-oriented approach for projects using just a few team members.

We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Various programming languages (depending on the environment and application)
  • Linux- or Windows-based, as well as firmware development
  • Tailoring of images
  • Web-based technologies and database applications in general
  • Middleware-oriented communication such as OPC UA, MQTT or similar
  • Use of version management tools and SW project management tools
  • Collaboration with specialists for the design of GUI elements, UX and usability

We develop your success!