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Your Shop window makes people stop and look

Even though a digital flyer box or a digital customer stopper hold more of a wow factor: a display in the shop window may be the only alternative for Digital Signage to make your shop more appealing to customers. Not every outdoor area is suitable for “classic” Digital Signage.

The shop window area makes installation and device design easier. However, the noticeability for passers-by is lower than with the other options. This is counteracted by the exceptionally wide design of the shop window display!

  • Widescreen format, e. g. 37" diagonal, resolution 1,920 x 540 px
  • Brightness up to 1,000 cd/m2 for shop window requirements, incl. brightness control based on levels of light outside
  • Fanless design for long-term availability without maintenance
  • Embedded industrial PC with high graphics performance
  • Interactive user interface technologies can be implemented, e. g. in mobile phones
  • Turn the display on/off via remote access

Dynamic display content: effective advertising in the right place at the right time.