The digital customer stopper 
flexible, dynamic and effective!

How can I make my business more attractive and promote it better? The effectiveness of the classic customer stopper, which “stops” passers-by and makes them customers, is on the decline. One possible answer to this problem for stationary retailers compared to online retailers is our new digital customer stopper. 



  • Customer frequency: You want more visitors in your shop?
    The dynamically changing image content attracts attention. The first step has been taken.
  • Special campaigns & sales: How can you position short-term campaigns better?
    Bring your advertising with the digital customer stopper directly to the customer ...
  • Increase turnover:
    The increase of the customer frequency and the dynamic advertising messages by our digital customer stopper create for you the condition for it.
  • Target groups: You have different target groups!
    Depending on the time of day, you can address them specifically with coordinated advertising content.
  • Offers/ Products: Do you want to showcase your products in the best possibel way?
    With the eStopper you achieve a different kind of attention. Through the presentation of brilliant content thanks to two 43-inch high-brightness displays.
  • Customer communication: Do you have room for improvement here?
    On your shop front a part of the sales development decides, optimize here your communication with our digital customer stopper.

Fachartikel Digital Signage (in German)

The digital customer stopper –  flexible, dynamic and effective both indoors and outdoors.