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Digital Signage is a must for your shop concept!

There is no getting around Digital Signage to gain the attention of your customers. Digitisation and the linking of IT systems is becoming increasingly important in this area too. Regardless of which concept or Digital Signage device you use: with a holistic approach, you can analyse and optimise your sales growth in general or the sales success of your special offers. Of course in a format which is CI compliant and appealing to your customers as well as feasible also for smaller marketing organisations.

Business case 1: sales instead of disposal costs

Your inventory management system automatically notices two hours before closing time that certain perishable goods need to be sold today. The following day you would have to sell the item extremely cheap or even throw it away.

Via a “perishable goods” (e. g. salad) special offer, the item is reduced slightly after a certain time. This reduces disposal of such and the associated costs, automatically.

Which Digital Signage device? Outdoor display at the entrance!

Business case 2: service improvement – you would like to inform your customers at the entrance with a specific goal in mind!

Your store is large and offers a comprehensive range of products. You have had flyers for years, which you distribute and put up and update in the display.

Your goals: better use of the display with changing advertising messages and interactive involvement of your customers for better service and a positive experience!

Which Digital Signage device? The digital flyer box – the outdoor display complemented by a touch screen! Interactive and easy to use like a smartphone.

In the car park, by the shopping trolleys, or directly at the entrance to your store: you have installed an outdoor display with touch screen. The flyer is displayed on a timer and the Digital Signage shows the individual pages of your flyer. When the touch screen is used, additional information can be retrieved: stock, shelf number of the desired goods, suitable accessories, etc. By evaluating the inputs on the touch screen, you will get further insights into your customers’ behaviour!

Business case 3: do you manage your special offers regionally or centrally? Ideally both!

As a store manager, you want to present your store attractively and often in a regional or seasonal context to differentiate yourself from the local competition.

As a central business manager you want to increase net sales and returns significantly by using a targeted special offer programme.

A networked CMS with input templates, which still leave room for the store manager’s ideas, does not only allow you to sell off the promoted products. It also boosts additional sales without relations to the advertised offers, if the Digital Signage gets customers into your store.

Which Digital Signage device? The digital customer stopper in the pedestrian area at the front of the shop!

Business case 4: target group oriented content in a shopping centre, e.g. on a timer!

Your store is in a busy area. The clientele which is walking past your shop varies depending on the time of the day. You know the individual target groups: from 7 to 9 am professionals and school children are passing by. From 9 am to 12 noon people who don’t work, tourists, etc. walk by. From 12 noon to 2 pm people on their lunch break from work can be reached via customer stopper... However, you don’t get any benefit from this knowledge because your customer stopper features just one message throughout the entire day.

Your goal is to target passers-by with different advertising messages during opening hours. The effect is a possibility of targeting messages and thus providing more attractive content for your customers.

Which Digital Signage device? The digital customer stopper in connection with a time-controlled content management system!

Business case 5: your shop window makes people stop and look

Your branches all look different but the shop window is what ties them together. You are already using the shop window as an advertising space. However, you see some potential in reducing the costs which occure by maintaining and updating the shop window constantly.

Much like in business case 3, your goal is to showcase central and consistent messages in the shop window whilst taking regional needs into account at the same time.

Which Digital Signage device? The eye-catching widescreen display in the shop window! Lively and highly dynamic images attract attention. As with the other two options, the increase in sales and profitability due to your offers can be analysed and documented.

Business case 6: integrate news and current affairs in a visually appealing manner

Your shop needs to appear as up to date as possible. Also, you want to use current events in a way that works positively for your shop! You have, for example, a sports shop and incorporate current sports news, whether it’s skiing, football or the Olympics! Or you have a menswear store and incorporate the latest news from the business world...

Your goal: generate as much attention as possible and use the current news to get your target customers to stop on their way past. Getting them to stop is the first step to getting them into the store.

Which Digital Signage device? The shop window display as well as the digital customer stopper. Your target group receives relevant information and advertising messages through news that has been tailored to your requirements.