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New generation of machine control panels with Chromium browser

The latest generation of Grossenbacher web panels uses the standard open-source browser Chromium, allowing the display all web-based visualisations – especially those based on the current HTML5 standard.

The same is true for JavaScript applications. The browser is the only interaction interface, making it easy to put the devices into operation: Set the IP address (static or DHCP) – enter the URL – done. This data is now stored and automatically called up each time the device is restarted.

The web panels are available in different sizes and resolutions and are all multi-touch capable. The gestures often used in modern visualisations are also supported (wiping, zooming, etc.).

  • 100% HTML5 compatible thanks to Chromium browser
  • Scratch-resistant glass surface
  • Fast response thanks to GPU acceleration
  • Intuitive operation with CapTouch
  • Display sizes from 7" to 15"
  • Resolution from 800 x 480 px to 1,920 x 1,080 px

Compact, inexpensive, compatible.