The Linux/ARM-based PLC: high-performance, robust, well thought-out

The Grossenbacher Universal Controller based on a powerful i.MX8 CPU architecture with state-of-the-art carrier board design. In combination with a modern software architecture, many things can now be implemented in a future-oriented manner. Equipped with a high-performance CPU, the integrated NPU and GPU units, it already enables the realisation of future-oriented applications in the field of AI/ML and 2D/3D graphics processing. 

The sophisticated power-fail management is an advantage for you. The specially integrated Linux-Yocto operating system also allows Docker programming, so that the Docker software can access the hardware directly - an advantage for application programming. CODESYS with RT tasks and TargetVisu complement the controller, although other tools can also be used.

Thus, the Universal Controller is not only a PLC, but can also be used as an IoT gateway or platform for AI/edge programs. In combination with our web panels, new modern, flexible and scalable automation solutions result for you.

  • i.MX8M Plus, 1.8 GHz processor with integrated NPU for AI/ML, 4 Cores, 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB eMM, SD card slot
  • 128 kB NVRAM, power fail management
  • 2x Ethernet 1 Gbit, 1x EtherCAT 1 Mbit
  • 2 serial interfaces RS-485/RS-232 + 4 USB
  • 1 extension port
  • Linux Yocto with RT extension
  • Top-hat rail mounting, 166 mm x 98 mm x 22 mm
  • Status LEDs, 24 volts, 0-60°C Temperature range