The modern HMI client solution: The new web panel generation

Whether small, large, front-mounted or VESA - the choice is enormous. We offer scalable and flexible webpanels for different types of machines and applications. Do you still have a wish unfulfilled? Let us know your requirements!

And yet software and hardware are unified for you: with Chromium browser, JavaScript-capable on a powerful i.MX8 ARM processor for fast operation even with large displays and multi-touch gestures!

Display sizes

The 4 main sizes are available as standard: 7", 10", 15.4" and 18.5". You can find the corresponding technical data here. With ProCap touch!

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Processor and memory

ARM i.MX8M Mini as standard with 2 GB memory. Further data and options in the overview.

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Mounting Options

The standard version allows you to choose between front installation, rear installation and VESA connection. These are listed with their dimensions here:

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Not much is needed for a web panel: Ethernet, USB. Or perhaps PoE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi? Here are the details.

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Hardware on demand

The following can be realised in customising: Loudspeaker, microphone, camera or similar. Also for browser use!

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Operating systems and software

Linux/Yocto and Chromium as standard. Discover more possibilities for VNC, web server and remote update.

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The right display size ensures optimal operation and presentation of your visualisation. With resolutions from 1'024 x 600 to 1'920 x 1'080, you are up to date and optimally prepared for granular presentations.

Brightness of 400 cd/m2 is state of the art for indoor use. An integrated brightness sensor also allows you to adjust the brightness automatically!

The ProCap touch allows all multi-touch gestures that a modern HMI solution requires.

Diagonal Resolution Brightness Dimension front installation Dimension VESA mount
7 inch 1’024 x 600 400 cd/m2 205 x 144 x 35.5 mm 197 x 136 x 41 mm
10.1 inch 1’280 x 800 400 cd/m2 269 x 185 x 35.5 mm 261 x 177 x 41 mm
15.6 inch 1’366 x 768 400 cd/m2 396 x 243 x 43 mm 404 x 251 x 38.5 mm
18.5 inch 1’920 x 1’080 350 cd/m2 (on demand) 446 x 276 x 44 mm on demand


As standard, we use a powerful i.MX8M Mini with ARM Cortex-A53 processor (clocked at 1.8 GHz, four processor cores) and a Cortex-M4 real-time processor. Even for the large version of an 18.5" display with dual LVDS, it is still powerful enough to update screen content in a user-friendly way.

With 2 GB as standard, you are more than adequately supplied in most cases. Individually, we can also provide you with 4 GB.

You can obtain other processors within the scope of customising. We will gladly advise you on this!

Flexible for every application

Rear installation

For the highest level of integration. You define the exterior with your design, we only define the display appearance. Our design allows for convenient assembly and yet impresses with its robustness.

Front installation

The frame of the web panel is presentable and modern. At the same time, it is mounted on the front with all the advantages. You can also order customised glass frame printing for your company logo.

Display mount VESA

This allows you to position the display with maximum visibility and with all the advantages of movable VESA mounts. The clear, puristically designed rear view is convincing.


Here, of course, a classic web panel is economical. The display is well equipped with standard RJ-45 and up to 1 Gbit. PoE is possible for specific variants on request. USB, BLE, Wi-Fi are further interfaces that are individually possible.

Hardware additions

Not every application area can be optimally served in the standard. For most applications, our standard unit impresses with an attractive price-performance ratio. Also because we see certain functionalities as useful additions in individual cases: So we can also offer microphone, loudspeaker, camera, and NFC/RFID. Local input and output sources that can be addressed via the browser.

To bridge voltage interruptions of up to 20 ms, we could also integrate a corresponding UPS for you.

Operating system and software

In a Linux-Yocto environment, which we maintain in-house, you will find a current Chromium browser installed. Use as a VNC client is also possible.

For updating the Linux-Yocto environment, also in terms of lifecycle management and security, we also offer our customers a remote update service on request.